For my work I use solid and high-quality material only. 
Because I think it's important that my work stay beautiful for a long time.
For example, for my paintings I choose for canvases with long
fibers, so that they remain well under tension for a long time. The paint that I use also retains its splendor. 
I spend hours searching of the right materials for my artworks. That too is part of my job and I love it.
I do a lot of free work, but it is of course also possible to
work on assignment. For example, a painting can be made in certain colors, especially for you, or perhaps you are looking for an eye-catcher at the entrance of your company. 
A lot is possible. During a consultation we discuss your
wishes  so I get a good overview to create exactly what you have in mind. Or maybe we will even come to better
insights together.
I create the artwork in my studio, and sometimes it is
necessary to further shape the artwork on location after preparation it in my studio. We all dicuss this in the consultation, so that you know what to expect. It is also possible to create multiple artworks in a certain style.
This is, for example, interesting for hotels.

Anything is possible.
And if this is not the case, we will work it out, since I
like to think in terms of solutions and possibilities.
Do you want to buy one of my works or make an appointment to see a work of mine? Do you want to discuss a possible assignment? Or do you want further (price) information?
Then you can contact me through the form under "contact" or send me an e-mail directly through:

Or just give me a call, on: 00316-48684038