Marja loves quality, beautiful things and special colors.
She wants to make people happy with her art
and give them a happy feeling when they look at it.
Marja loves to paint and she always have.
But she also likes to make other art items.
Working with different materials and looking for specific items brings up a constant stream of inspiration that can be found in Marja's paintings.
These are always different. That keeps it exciting and interesting.
And yet, when you get to know Marja's work, you will start to recognize her individuality.
Marja has received various trainings and followed many courses and workshops, but never in the field of painting. This is on purpose! Marja wants to be able to work completely free when she is painting. She has never wanted to hear from someone else whether something is "good" or not or “does not belong", this would have been a major obstacle to her creativity.
A painting of Marja's hand is therefore pure.
Pure creativity, pure feeling and pure Marja